Woman of Color News Network

 WCNN is an art and social justice video initiative that questions how newsworthy narratives are identified and who creates news content.

The premise for WCNN began with a question: What stories do I miss and what truths do I not understand as a result of not having access to robust news media as funded, investigated and reported by women of color?

The pilot episode has two types of stories 1) DIMENSIONS: traditional fact based reporting that highlights the narratives and points of view of women identifying people of color and 2) ACCELARATED DIMENSIONS: stories that may someday become relevant to traditional fact based reporting but at the moment of the films creation were imaginings, alternative realities, emotional narratives (things that felt true) and productive fictions.

The project aims to illuminate new and underreported stories and lay the foundation for others to play a part in constructing the media and narratives of the world around them. (2017)