Soy Brownsville

Excerpts from live performance based upon gestures and text submitted by residents of Brownsville, Texas, a city that lies along the US/ Mexico.  

Nearly half the population there lives below the poverty line and the population is over 90% Xicanx nonetheless historical narratives of region are widely underrepresented.  This work allowed participants to submit text and gestures through social media and reply to the prompts “I am, I hope and I will”. These gestures were then compiled and set onto cast of performers who then interpreted the text of their digital counterparts in a live performance.  The aim of the work was to allow participants regardless of race, class, mobility or artistic training to play a role in crafting and claiming their city while also combatting common misperceptions and stereotypes about the region.

The program was choreographed by Caty Wantland and created as part of buildingcommunityWORKSHOP's Activating Vacancy Arts Incubator. (2016)