Drawing and concept maps: Thinking through conflict resolution in relationship to community and coalition building.  

Questions include: How are words like lines, circumnavigating ideas and determining what terrain is explored and what remains unthought? How can new uses of language be used to address the most pressing social issues of our time?  How by drawing new lines with words, can new lines be drawn between people? New relationship built? New connections made? New outcomes realized? These drawings investigate the limitations of American English in its ability to support collaborative thought.  Themes explored include conflict resolution across difference, peace building and collaborative action.

Through workshop, interviews and field observations the aim of these drawings is to theorize new somatic and phonetic languages, explicitly for the purpose of bridging difference in times of heightened emotional investment and attachment outcomes.

Circumstances of application include a) working with diverse stakeholders with conflicting beliefs to determine the future of confederate monuments in a given municipality or b) supporting collaborative work among coalition members who have shared values and goals. (2018)